by Foreboder

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released July 1, 2017

Niall Skinner - Guitar, vocals, lyrics, drum programming
Liam Mallinson - Bass, art



all rights reserved


Foreboder Selby, UK

We're Foreboder, a 4 piece metal band incorporating sounds of sludge, black metal, doom and death metal to create something heavy, noisy and dark, with some hints of melody dotted around. Cheers for checking us out!

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I am a shadow of a man
carved from what was a mountain
I shallow all that creeps
across this horizon

at this point death
is all I can expect
the sun that shined on me
has already set

I am a sickening blight
a wound on the Earth
and I've grown into a cancer
I've been a tumour since birth

drown me in wire
bathe me in glass
give me a reason to live
and make it my last

split my body and mind apart
self-induced death as art
my own initiated cull
beat myself until the pain feels dull

End it all.
Glass is full.
Drinking game.
Cease the pain.
with the knife of egalitarian love
forced firmly into our backs
there wall of shame is hollow
and I've seen through the cracks

smoke and mirrors line every street
to hide the chains that grace your feet
our world left dying and our lives left in wreck
you'll live your whole lifetime with their noose round your neck

no matter's in the wake
it always tastes the same
the bile rises in the back of your throat
they tell you stomach the taste or simply lay down and choke

well I refuse to follow their gospel
and I refuse to turn the other cheek
I will end this tightly binding blood pact
by leaving nothing more to bleed

I know what you did
I never lost sight even through the mist
the haze of falsified claims used as a cloak
the fog grows so thick that the majority choke
like an insect
in the rain
you'd convulse and die
unclean and
thriving on pain
long live the parasite

absorbed in your grandiloquent
self-serving illusion
awash in Stockholm Syndrome
at the hands of grandiose delusion

I feel you run your chilling fingers
across the ridges of my spine
I see the wake of those I've lived for die
and know I next in line

it's a common cliche but we've grown as sheep
we discard our old age and piss away our youth
you've made sure to sink me waist deep
in an ever stagnant tide of truth

now finish the job and drown me
drown me
drown me

life; erase me
Death; embrace me
life; erase me
Death; embrace me

wrap your noose of false sympathy
around my sense of purpose
sever all ties like veins and bleed
my life is fucking worthless

is there a way to see the errors of my ways?
because time won't seem to tell
I've sleepwalked through decades of my life
I could've spent doing anything else

where the hell do I transcend?
I just hope that Death is the end.
I want it.
I want it.
where the hell do I transcend?
but if Death is not the end,
what is?
what is?
what is?
I remember the sky turned red
and the Heavens opened
you stood centre, embracing the hail
cloaked in shadow's omen
I remember the sea turned black
and from the ground spilled forth a great flame
you stood centre, embracing the fire
beckoning me in

our retribution calls
as civilisation falls
existence is only pain
cleanse this vile world in flame

I remember the sea turned black
and from the ground spilled forth a great flame
you stood centre, embracing the fire
beckoning me in

in ash and dust
rests this blackened earth
bring us bloodstained rebirth

with no soul left to reap
you can only reap what I sow
deal me a Dead Man's Hand
deal me a killing blow

A Demon walks among us.
mindless drones
drown in their own spit
swathed in shit
ridicule those who worship
in great irony
as they themselves kneel
at Saladin's feet

so everything we worked for
all the progress we have achieved
is undone before our very eyes
we are left only bereaved
we slip into fits of madness
such chaos at our helms
and with the enemy at our doorstep
we still blame ourselves

a torrent descends upon my hopes
and washes them into loss
the thrashing wind tosses dreams away
and dashes them to the rocks

shadow puppet
bloodied stars on your strings
shadow puppet
you have not lost your chains
spare not the old
you are cattle to rot in their cities of gold
the horizon shifts and turns to night
the endless black draws deeper breath
it drifts across my silver tongue
exhales to me, my certain death

(am I doomed?)
to peeling flesh from bones forever?
(I'm entombed)
Sisyphean coffin dragger

no love for what I can't control
my own silence will swallow me whole
a god complex and a bad idea
this won't end well for you, my dear

spare me the doubt
spare me the misery
Death's great black hand
shall grace me eventually

I swim in a sea of lies
only enthralled in what I despise
ensure mistakes and I'll never learn
my Deathbed awaits my return